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False animal head wall hangings have become a major wall décor trend all over the world. They’re available in a range of styles and designs ranging from rustic to contemporary and from European to vintage styles.

Whether you’re looking to create a sophisticated and refined look or a quirky and whimsical look, you can do it all using false animal heads wall hangings!

Faux animal heads wall hangings will add personality and character to your walls. They are perfect for use in homes, hotel rooms, lobbies and any other space.

So, go ahead, choose your favourite wild animal and decorate your walls with faux animal heads. They also make for wonderful gifts as well!

A wide selection of wall animal heads

We feature an extensive selection of wall animal heads, available in different styles and designs. Whether you’re looking for wall hangings to create a vintage or contemporary look, you’ll find just what you need in our selection of wall animal heads.

Take a look at our collection and choose what suits your taste!

Traditional false animal heads

Traditional false animal heads are our most popular type of wall hangings. Available in a choice of exotic wild animals, traditional faux animal heads will allow you to turn your space into something unique!

Our range of traditional false animal heads is available in different styles, designs, colors and size options for you to choose from. Two of our bestsellers include:

Vintage false deer head murals

Exotic resin rhinoceros head ornament

Shop for traditional false animal heads from us online to embrace your love for wildlife!

DIY wooden animal heads

DIY hobbyists will love our collection of DIY wooden animal heads. These animal heads come in easy to assemble sets, and they allow you to showcase your love for creative art.

Our DIY wooden animal heads are made from top grade MDF board, and they are available in a range of finish options. Some of our bestselling DIY wooden animal heads include:

DIY wooden animal deer head

Nordic style DIY wooden elephant head

Showcase your creative side with our range of DIY wooden animal heads!

Cute false animal heads

Accessorize your kids’ room with our selection of cute false animal head wall hangings. From cute sheep, deer, unicorns, elephants and other wild animals to choose from, you can create a welcoming feel in your child’s room with these wall hangings.

We make use of special materials to create our cute false animal heads. Choose from our selection of cute animal heads which includes:

Cute 3D sheep, deer heads

3D elephant felt animal head

Toy unicorn animal head

Make your kids love their wall décor with our selection of cute false animal heads!

Animal head wall hangers

Add these neat animal head wall hangers and hooks to your rooms to make them look decorative and quirky! You’ll find an extensive collection of animal head wall hangers and hooks at our store to choose from.

Our animal head wall hangers and hooks are available in many different styles, sizes and design options for you to choose from. From giraffes to gorillas, elephants to deer, zebras and wild goats, you’ll find a full range of animal head wall hangers and hooks to choose from at our store. Our bestsellers include:

Vintage European creative animal heads

3D vintage retro resin animal heads

Add a whimsical touch to your home with our collection of animal head wall hangers!

Why choose us?

At Wall Animal Ideas, we’re very passionate about wildlife. Our love for nature and animals is showcased in the quality of design of our products. Our wall hangings are made from top quality materials that will last a lifetime. And, our wall hangings are incredibly beautiful, and they’re sure to catch the attention of one and all!

While we pride ourselves on offering faux animal heads of the highest grade of quality, we also pride ourselves on our extensive selection of products. We are continuously adding new designs to our collection, and you’re sure to find something you love with us.

Our faux animal head wall hangings are incredibly cost-effective, and they allow you to decorate on a budget. In fact, our wall hangings are cheaper than many other types of fancy wall hangings available in the market. With us around, you needn’t look for false animal head wall hangings anywhere else.

There’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t consider faux animal heads for your wall décor. They are affordable, unique and they will perfectly complement the style of your home décor and furnishings.

Make your home more attractive and showcase your love for wildlife with our faux animal head wall hangings!

Shop from us today to buy faux animal head wall hangings at the best prices!

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